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Nähcafé 25.7.13

We had quite the international spread this week at our NähCafé. Luan made a Vietnamese dish known as Gio, consisting of a meat and vegetable sauce served over rice and a side of salad. Additionally, we were treated by our new intern Christa to a delicious pinto bean dish from Cameroon. For dessert we had Puff Puffs (Beignets), balls of sweet bread fried to perfection. The fact that most of us took some to go speaks to their tastiness. We’d like to give a big thanks to Luan and Christa for another terrific meal at the NähCafé. Next week Luan will be cooking all the ingredients for Summer Rolls and then we’ll get to build our own. So come join us on Thursday at 2 p.m. for next week’s NähCafé. Wir hatten ein ganz besonderes Gericht diese Woche bei dem NähCafé. Luan hat einen vietnamesischen Gericht, Gio , vorbereitet: Fleisch und Gemüsesoße über Reis mit Salat auf der Seite. Dazu genossen wir einen leckeren kamerunischen Pinto-Bohnengericht, der von unserer neuen Praktikan

Nähcafé 18.7.13

The sun is out again in Berlin allowing us to take to the sidewalk for our Naehcafe. Axel made a meatball and cabbage stew over potatoes leaving everyone very satisfied. The smell of our delectable dishes often attracts the eyes and noses of those passing by, but this time one decided to join us; a travelling musician from Columbia joined for a bowl and then play us a tune on his guitar. As always, all are welcome at our table. This week we’ll be treated to a traditional African dish by our new intern. Come join us this Thursday at 2 p.m. for some great food and atmosphere. This is a communal event meaning we all pitch in for the ingredients for our meals, so please bring 2-3 euro to chip in. We look forward to new faces and stories! Da die Sonne schien wieder in Berlin fand das Nähcafé vor dem Büro statt. Axel hat eine sättigende Fleischklops- und Kohlsuppe mit Kartoffeln serviert. Der herrliche Geruch des Essens zieht oft die Aufmerksamkeit der Passantin an, aber dieses

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Nähcafé 11.7.13

It was another wonderful meal this week at our Nähcafé. Luan treated us to some of her Vietnamese cuisine. Her dish consisted of a tofu and tomato sauce over steamed rice with a side of small fried shrimp. For desert we had a massive bowl of fruit mixed with yogurt and quark. For some reason our desert sparked conversation about how Marshmallows were first invented. So I have bit of trivia for you in this installment of the Joliba Blog. The first use of the Marshmallow actually dates back to ancient Egypt where the sap from the Marshmallow plant was used as a remedy for sore throats. The modern use of the Marshmallow began in 19 th century France when French candy makers sweetened and then whipped Marshmallow sap into a confection most similar to today’s Marshmallow. For more riveting discussions about candy and other subjects of grand importance, join us Thursdays from 2 – 4 p.m. at our Nähcafé. Es gab noch ein wunderbares Essen diese Woche im Nähcafé. Luan hat


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